Application of Rice Husk Ash

RHA is a carbon neutral green product. Lots of ways are being thought of for disposing them by making commercial use of this RHA. RHA is a good super-pozzolan . This super-pozzolan can be used in a big way to make special concrete mixes . There is a growing demand for fine amorphous silica in the production of special cement and concrete mixes ,high performance concrete , high strength, low permeability concrete, for use in bridges, marine environments , nuclear power plants etc. This market is currently filled by silica fume or micro silica , being imported from Norway, China and also from Burma . Due to limited supply of silica fumes in India and the demand being high the price of silica fume has risen to as much as US$ 500 / ton in India .
From RHA we manufacture organic micro-silica / amorphous silica, with silica content of above 89%, in very small particle size of less than 35 microns – Silpozz for application in High Performance Concrete. For more details pl visit

Other uses of Rice Husk Ash

This product can be used in a variety of applications like:
• green concrete
• high performance concrete
• refractory
• ceramic glaze
• insulator
• roofing shingles
• waterproofing chemicals
• oil spill absorbent
• specialty paints
• flame retardants
• carrier for pesticides
• insecticides and bio fertilizers etc etc.